Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For the girls

Pay no attention to my missing crown molding on the kitchen walls.....this is my work in progress, after firing a couple inadequate contractors.
I have traded in my shoe fetish for power tools! Scurrrry hehehe


Valentines Day...WoooPeeee*

Somehow, between getting my girls Valentines gifts, gifts for their friends(they are teens and do not do the lil Valentine parties at school any longer) and gift bags made for the nieces and nephews....well I am just over the whole day*

My poor lil four legged baby boy....VALENTINE*(<---- Thats him over there) has had it pretty bad too, thinking WTF, why do I keep hearing my name?
It is freakin cold out, so i am not even gonna consider going out tonight for dinner, it is much more fun, being home with the sweety and kids anyway.