Thursday, December 11, 2008

sooooo cold!

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My lawd, it is frickin cold here today!
We have actually had some snow around the coast....I just have had sleet at my home.
Tomorrow, it could be 80 degrees, ya just never know what to expect. I sure hope the cold stays around for Christmas. Something about seeing people in shorts on Christmas, just kinda kills the whole holly-jolly feeling.

I would like to get all of my closet spaces cleaned out this weekend, but that is just one of those chores that I just seem to put off. The girls are going to switch bedroom furniture. Alicia is not happy about this, but her bedroom furniture is just too big for her room. I think she will be happy, once it is done and she sees just how much more room she has.

She came home yesterday with a form to fill out for the beauty and beau pagent the first of January. She has not participated in them at school before and I am really gonna be stressing over the cha ching it is going to take to be in the pagent. Christmas is just a couple weeks before, I mean DAMN!

Speaking of Christmas....I am going to start my shopping tomorrow. It just amazes me that some people are finished with all their shopping. I am usually shopping up until Christmas eve. The girls have been warned to finish their list up, because once I take it, nothing else will be allowed to be put on it. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grown Up Christmas List....

I am reading journals and trying to leave comments....though I am not really doing that great of a job at the comment part as I would like. Do y'all get like that? Like you just can't put nothing out there? I am chalking my lack of response to my sinus troubles, as they have me a lil more brain twisted than normal.

Anyways, I saw over at Heather blog that she did a grown up Christmas list...that she got from Missy's is a passer down thing. So here goes.

1. lots of wine for my new wine rack.....pretty bottles is a necessary as the wine*
2. A big azz diamond ring.....
3. A stainless steel panini griddler thingy
4. Big round wine glasses with suppa skinny stems
5. Vera Wang by Vera Wang perfume/body lotion
6. A new spice rack.....loaded with good spices(not that cheap crap)
7. Candles
8. soft cozy socks
9. Coach Wallet
10. all kinds of purrty smellin lotions....again, not any drug store cheap crap!!!

What is on your list?????? Share people!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a start to my day.....

I woke up this morning......after going to bed at, not quite 9pm last night(I felt just down and out)
Tom was banging at the front door lol
I had not looked at the calander and even realised that it was time for that, but it would explain the over indulgence at Thanksgiving. Now that I think about it, I think I did look and realize that it was gonna be that time. I dunno', I guess I was/am having one of those senior moments. hehehe

I thought I was just in my down mood last night because of some things that happened yesterday morning to make me sad and worried for, yeah, I am just pissed about it all. It is their life, they know what they are doing to themself and they are the only one that can decide to make a change. NOT ME(I have to keep telling myself this....daily)

I had to run to the ole Wal Mart and get TOM supplies, as I was not properly prepared for the visit. I wish I would of gotten some hair color, because I have so many damn gray scragglers popping out. Horrible! I did manage to get some stuff for a big salad for supper and even picked up a pack of navy beans. I love beans and have not had homemade beans in like forever. I thought I would throw in my ham bone, that I put in the freezer from Thanksgiving.

I am gonna try and post a video that my girls made.....It is freakin hillarious! I tell ya, they keep us in stitches. I tried to post it once, but it said something was wrong with it not being closed or summin like that. If I can't get it posted myself, I will have them post it. It is a bit slow at the begining, but it picks up andWhat's in my purse (mocking YouTubers)
gets funnier and funnier.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where did I go wrong...oh let me count the ways

Well, ya see, what had happened is lol
I shall never ever be able to be in the same room with my homemade cornbread dressing and stay on track with a healthy diet. NO way, NO HOW!
That, "I am only gonna have one plate at dinner and NO leftovers....ummhumm, yeah, that did not pan out. I just finished eating Thanksgiving scraps Sunday and that is only because that was the end of em. I am sad, I know, but I know I can't be alone. Right? hehehe

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day. I have not been on blogger and will be playing catch up with your journals.

I just got a call from Alicia and so I have to make this short....because I forgot about picking up supplies for a project she is working on. So, gotta run do that now. Damnit! And I thought I could just veg out in my pj's.

Look forward to hearing about overeating.....lawd, let me not be alone. hehehe