Wednesday, October 29, 2008

At least give me a glass of wine

If ya plan on screwing me, at least light a freakin candle, summin. Yeah,
Erica is on the war path!
Weekly ads for my local stores came out today and I rushed over to Big Lots, per Scott's request.
They had StarKist Albacore tuna on sale for 50 cents a can. TUNA Pictures, Images and PhotosThey had the same sale on it a couple of weeks ago and he bought some, went back to load up and it was sold out. Well, I get there and the StarKist tuna they have for the 50 cents is NOT the Albacore. They had Albacore tuna, but not for 50 cents. I snagged the last five cans of the not 50 cents marked, supposed to be fiddy cents cans up and hightail it to the register. In my sweetest voice I questioned it. I got a bitchy azz response and all kinds of attitude. I was told I could speak to a mgr. but that I would have to step over to the other cashiers spot and wait for her. I said fine, just ring me up and I will see what she plans on doing about it. I waited and the heffa never came. I got mad, left and came home and emailed the company.
I would understand if they were already out....that is one hella deal. But they had the cans of tuna that was printed on the ad and the one they had marked for sale was NOT the one advertised.
I mean, right is right, right? I just hate being lied to or tricked......I would of got all snotty back with em, but I was not in the mood.False advertisement ! Pictures, Images and Photos


Emmi said...

Your in the right. I would have demanded the mgr. come to the front & my fat ass wouldn't have left until they gave me the advertized price.

Estela said...

Last week I was at Hancock's Fabrics and they had fat quarters on sale for 1.29.. it was marked on the stand.. but when I got to the register they rang up regular price.. I made a comment.. showed the sign and got the sale price (the sale was supposed to be over the Saturday previous, but noone removed the sign) SCORE!

Rose said...

I HATE that!