Wednesday, October 1, 2008

holding on by a thread

I have been in a funk all damn day.
I am dealing with pms and it is really kicking my ass about now.
Trying to NOT give into the sweet tooth, but I have to admit, when I was just having a light Banana Cream Pie yogurt, all I kept thinking was that I bet a warm home baked oatmeal cookie would be good with this. I am pitiful people, pitiful I tell ya.


Emmi said...

I gave into my sweet tooth the minute I went into the store for a gallon of milk & cam out with a gallon of chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, 3 packs of chocolate cookies & chocolate donuts for breakfast in the morning. Damn TOM!!!

Ericanbiloxi said...

LOL @ Emmi
I feel much better about drooling for one cookie.

Tina said...

hey lady! how are you dear? the more I look around on Blogger, the more I like it.

i lost my control over a graham cracker.... not good. but I don't officially start until my meeting on saturday...
take care

Estela said...

yeah, that TOM certainly gets my chocolate cravings going. Of course, at this point I can only use that excuse four times a year. Hope the funk lifts soon. Estela

Jeanne said...

I gave into my sweet tooth today too....peanut m&m's....TWO BAGS OF THEM! And then I wanted I had these veggie chips....yeah, healthy, right???

I'm a disaster today and I am so freaking tired and I am ovulating and my left side hurts and I want to go to bed....for an entire day....(lol)