Tuesday, October 7, 2008

If ya had to.....

What are your three favorite food items....I don't mean sketti& meatballs or anything mexican, I mean individual items.
Mine, these days, would have to be

*Natural Peanut butter



Sherry said...

girl how can you live on that lol I love all them but not all the time I guess mine would be Cheese I can't get enough of the crap lately lol

Emmi said...

can you live forever on that? I get bored very quickly.

Dutch said...

I have been eating a lot of chicken breasts with peppers on hard rolls cooked in my crockpot lately. That counts as 3 things right? LOL

Peaceful Epiphany said...

Chocolate cookies (see my video blog), wasabi flavored dried edamame, and Starbucks iced tea..unsweetened. Yeah. ;)

Estela said...

Home made chocolate chip cookies, peaches, and spinach tortellini.