Thursday, October 30, 2008

know what I'malovin right about now????

My sugar free apple cider(15 calories a cup)and the smell of my home with my new pumpkin spice candle that Scott bought for me yesterday.
I don't say it mere enough, but I love my husband and his thoughtful ways.(don't get me wrong...he can really get on my last nerve a lot and more times than not, it is on purpose lol)
Sunday is our wedding anniversary.......17yrs. That is a long time and as much as I would love to say, we have really worked to make this marriage work, I can't. It just has.

I have been feeling a lil bit more "spiritual" lately. Maybe it is the holidays, maybe it is just the happiness inside me, maybe it is just how it is supposed to always be, i dunno, but regardless, Erica feels the candle inside her.
I tried to make a playlist with some gospel songs on it for my blog, but project playlist is being funny right now. Dangit!

I have so many things running through my head about now, but I gotta get my oatmeal in and some house things done, so I will end with this.

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Emmi said...

Happy Anniversary a few days early. A think a great marriage doesn't need work. I'm working on year 16 & have't had to work at it either. =D

Rose said...


Tracy said...

wow 17 yrs a long time! congrats! love the part about a candle inside you lol! have a good day. hugs

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Best to the two of you today, tomorrow and always,

Myra said...

I believe what you are feeling is the blessing of abundance. You have chosen different roads from your siblings, and your girls are beautiful, you have a loving husband, you've worked hard to make your home a safe haven. You don't take anything for granted. That is alot of blessings. You deserve every single one.

Peaceful Epiphany said...

CONGRATS ERICA!!! You and Scott have a special bond that has been blessed. Don't question it...just accept it.

I sure hope you feel better soon!
Love and hugs,