Tuesday, October 7, 2008

spill the beans people

What is for dinner at your house tonight? Are you cooking or eating out?
I am fixin a breakfast dinner.
I have bacon,sausage,buttered grits,scrammbled eggs and homemade bread.
Not that I am eating any of that. lol
I will be having a toasted piece of whole wheat bread with an over easy, poached egg, on top. Maybe a few slices of apple on the side.
I normally do not fix high fat/calorie dinners like this for the family, but it has been forever since they had bacon.


Emmi said...

I love breakfast for dinner but we didn't have that tonight. DH made chicken with rice curry. Very yummy.

Myra said...

We have breakfast for dinner at least once a week! Today, we had chili that Glen made on Sunday. I made some cornbread too, so I had that. Glen doesn't do cornbread, which is fine cuz thats more for me!

Tina said...

i think the best dinner EVER is breakfast...yummmmm

Estela said...

Last night the kids had cheese tacos and I had yogurt and a vitamuffin. Tonight I think we are having homemade pizza.

Tracy said...

yummo that sounds sooooo good, iv been wanting breakfast for dinner. you know what i had for dinner, chicken soup made in a "gasp" crockpot lol. hey it was my first time and turned out very good i must say, having leftovers today. hugs