Tuesday, October 7, 2008

These things just don't "HAPPEN"

I have a neighbor, that every once in a while(a lot lol I have a key to her place) lately has asked me to go over and take care of her animals.......1 dog, 3 inside cats and 1 outside cat.
Yesterday, she called and asked if I could go today at lunch time and let the dog out and so on. I said yeah, no problem. I have told her that I will do this and she is not to pay me, but she said if she can't pay me, then she can't ask me to do it.
I get over there today and she has the money and a bag, with a note, asking if I could use these items inside.
I open it and find two full boxes of oatmeal.....lol. She does not even know of my newfound love of the stuff!
Thing is, Tom showed up this morning and I had no desire to make a trip to the grocery store,in my "condition" but I had eaten the last of the oatmeal this morning and needed to go.
Miracles people! If it is a box of gifted oatmeal or something we would consider much more grand, the fact is.......Miracles are taking place in our lives every day and we best start noticing them and quit ranting on about BS.
ppppst* to bad she did not have some stocked up tampons lol, I would of roughed it up to go get that oatmeal, but Scott is gonna have to do a tampon run after work.


Tracy said...

what a man! mine will go to the store for me too! enjoy your oatmeal! hugs

Sherry said...

it is the little things in life that makes us happy and that is what is so great about us.

Peaceful Epiphany said...

Ya know...if she were a GOOD friend, said friend wouldn't mind you going into her house and going through her cabinets for TAMPONS Or the oatmeal. I mean...you will just borrow them right? ROFL. ;)