Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a night

Last night was horrible and I am dragg'N ass today.
I was no tired and after tossing and turning, I just got up and came into the front living room to read.
The damn batteries in the smoke detector started going out, because the alarm kept making that screech noise. I thought Scott would get up and take the batteries out and all would be good.
NOPE! He was out. It had Nolerbeanz shaking and crying. I got a chair and hoisted my big butt up and took it down and ripped the batteries out.
Nola could not settle down and just wanted outside.
I was NOT letting her out, because I knew she would not want to come back inside and I would be on the couch all night, waiting.
All I kept thinking about was Myra and that damn bobcat and what would get Nolerbeanz outside. lol, I doubt it would be a bobcat, but we do have opossums that wonder up in the night.
I ended up falling asleep on the couch anyways and woke up this morning, after only a couple hours of sleep, with my hips killing me.
I ended up having to take some ibuprofen and cranking up the electric blanket and crawling in bed under the blanket to get my hips to ease up. I thought for sure, that with all this healthy eating that this go round of TOM would be a piece of cake......NOT.
Let it be known, Erica, is NOT in a pleasant mood.


Anonymous said...

OMG Iam pms and my body mostly my hips are killing me I thought it was just me, What are we 60 yet lol Where are the pictures ofyour dogs? Iam in love with chuiwwa;s I cant even spell it where are the kids when you need them lol My dog candy we got her when she was 8 weeks she is AKC we love her the best dog ever she is now 4 but in great health and so much Fun anyway oh I hate the low battey noise in are smoke dedecter it is enough to make a PMS women shot the dame thing Take care Kat:)

Tina said...

I have hip pain too....I blame it on my weight and also, I like to lay on my side and should have a pillow between my knees to take the stress off my hip...but I move around a lot and the pillow gets lost...
anyway, I am glad TOM is not in my life anymore. with all my other moodiness, that is one I don't need.