Thursday, October 9, 2008

who knew

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Who knew that holding a ladder could wear someone out. lol
We started painting the house today....well, Scott painted and I braced the ladder.
Living on a hill is great at times, painting, yeah, that is NOT one of those "times"
12ft extension ladder, uneven ground, ERICA in charge of bracing a ladder.....this just has disaster written all ovah it!
I did not paint today, it was just getting the high parts painted.
We went with a deep olive green and it looks like I am gonna really like it.(unlike the blush color that turned out purple.....WOW!)
Well, I am pooped and waiting for my shower......somehow I got paint all over me, even though I did not actually pick up a paintbrush.paint can and paint brush Pictures, Images and Photos


Rose said...

my house needs paint too...badly! rose

Myra said...

You for hire? Love your pic, BTW!
xoxo ~Myra

Linda said...

Hey sweetie, we have a lot of painting to be done...are you & Scott for hire? Marv will grill some steak and we'll have a good ole time :)
I'm glad you like the color and hope your back hold up!

Pooh Hugs,

Tina said...

I once had to brace a ceiling fan while the ex tried to install it. we got it up, but it was ugly and i refuse to help him again.
also, if there is paint, it gets on me. no matter what.

Emmi said...

Wanna come paint mine? It needs a fresh coat of paint. =D

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Since I am lefthanded and completely uncoordinated I am not allowed anywhere near a paint can. I'm a paint magnet. I'm also not really good with steadying things. You'll have to post pictures of the paint color... because when you say "deep olive" I'm picturing that green that everyone had in their kitchen in the 70's.... Hmmmmm?
Have a great day!

Estela said...

I love the finished product of a painting job... but paul is so exacting.. I think it takes twice as long as it should.