Tuesday, October 14, 2008

who needs real sketti?

Last night, I made a pot of spaghetti sauce with meat for the family and since I am not doing the meat thing much, I made a separate sauce with sauteed garlic & onions, spinach and diced Italian maters. I did add a lil whole wheat pasta to make it complete and it was soooo good! And it was very low in calories. I had the leftovers for lunch today.
For some reason, I have been a bit hungry today and I feel just BLAH :-/
I have a slight headache, because I am trying to change cell phone plans through AT&T(I have an individual plan and am gonna go with adding Scott and the girls to it....this will be one of the girls Christmas gifts, new phone and a plan)
Scott, he is the source of the headache, he keeps insisting that he can talk to them and get them to waive the activation fees and throw in free cell phones. I found some cell phones they offer for free, but not the ones that I think the girls will like or just not in the color they would like and then I made the mistake of sharing that with ole bargain britchez himself.
Hey, I aint knocking my man, he is a bargainer. He once called Dominos(tipsy) and said he had 10 dollars and wanted two large supreme pizza's with french dressing on the side and after they laughed and he said he was serious and joked with them....they freakin delivered his order and collected 10 dollars. He has a way.
But yeah....I may have to pop some tylenol tonight, just to deal with him and AT&T.


Emmi said...

We have AT&T ... we added the kids to our line & we found some pretty cool phones for free. Your DH is right ... we have sweet talked our way into some great phones for next to nothing. My DH said he would go with a refurbished phone if they would make it free ... they did & it's been the best phone of all.

Tina said...

good luck with the cell phone thing....that is something that will give anyone a headache.
and hey, as for scot, you never know, sometimes, people say yes to what you are asking...lol

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I hope you find a plan that works for you and yours - Your hubby sounds like mind - always feeling the need to work some sort of a deal. I enjoyed your reads and shall return. Enjoy your day.
Take care,

Tightening the Corset Again said...

You know... I hate to say this but "with the economy the way it is" people are more willing to bargain. My sister in law saved a bunch of her phone/internet that way... just bargaining. I hate it... I hate to do it... I'm really bad at it... but I'm also not above it. I started the online app for the cellphones on Friday and they wanted me to fax in my drivers license and ss card... I haven't had an opportunity to do it... and today some dude from India called and asked if there was a problem - when was I going to complete my application. Um. Yeah. Ok. I told him whenever I was ready... I should say, "when are you guys going make me a deal?" Ha! I'm actually trying to hold off on the cellphones for a few weeks until I get some of these other start up bills paid off and get the paychecks rolling in.
Have a great Tuesday...
and the sketti sounds... ok...

Estela said...

When we re-upped our AT & T plan, we got rebates on all the phones.. not exactly free (mine, Kim and Mac's were) but close enough to make it a pretty good deal. And we did ultimately get the activation fees waived on all but Kim's phone (her's was a new line to the old plan).

Tracy said...

your sketti sounds yummy! i need you to come to my house and cook me some real food, i bet you can cook good! hugs

Myra said...

Wow...that sketti sounds delish! I'm surprised the family didn't want you to share yours! I absolutely hate shopping for cell phones. A co-worker just got a Voyager with Sprint...it has freakin' TV!