Wednesday, November 19, 2008

crankin up the heat

Last night was the coldest night for us so far and so we had to crank up the heater.
I think Scott had it a bit too high, because I woke up during the night a tad warm(or it could be that I was under the electric blanket on high....but we will blame Scott anyways lol)
Other than waking up the one time, I slept like a baby the rest of the night.

I made the family hamburger patties in beef gravy, rice and corn for dinner.....I sauted some bok choy, sliced baby carrots, onion, garlic and pepper flakes in EVOO and chowed down. I could eat that every day! LOVE BOK CHOY!!!

I have enough left over for lunch today or dinner.

Today is the day that the local stores start their new weekly deals and so I am gonna research what each one has and go through some coupons and try to save some money. I really need some fresh fruit and apples should be on sale. I would like to start trying to plan ahead and know or at least have a notion as to what I will be preparing for meals during the week. With groceries so exspensive, I have to do something. Having two girls that are sooooooo picky, it really is hard.

Other than that, I am debating having my hair cut. I have been letting my hair grow out during the summer(easier to keep cool when I can just pin it up)but I am at a point where the only way I can wear it is curly, because I have no shape to my hair and it is thick. I dunno. The girls both need cuts and that is just one more thing that seems to keep getting more and more exspensive. The last time I took them, it was 35 for just the cut. I am sure it has gone up again....ya know, with the holidays approaching.

Well, oatmeal is getting cold.....ya'll have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Iam in Colorado it was 70 yesterday it felt great but I miss the snow hope it comes soon What you made for yourself last night sounds so good I will have to try that! Everything is getting expensive Just pray for are Country! Take care Blessings Kat:)

Estela said...

Yeah, it was pretty cold here too. I start off with my heavy blanket, but it falls off during the night (I think it's Paul, lol) and then I wake up freezing, just ahead of the alarm. Not happy about that.

Tracy said...

i want an electric blanket, iv never had one. i need to get my hair cut too it has no style and is just bla. if you get it done you gotta show a pic. hugs
what is boc choy or something, sounds .........yummy "not" lol. gotta look that up.

Tina said...

that deal with the bok choy sounds heavenly!

Anonymous said...

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