Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My gettyup, it got up and got outta here

I am struggling with the healthy eating the past few days.....I do believe it is just TOM, but whatever it is, it is pissing me off. I just have no willpower it seems.
I know from experience that if I allow myself to fall into old habbits, I will be back at the starting gate again and that aint happening!

Today,I caught some of Oprah with Dr.OZ and they were talking about living longer and were showing some elderly people...hell, these people were ten days older than dirt! Yet, they were living life to the fullest. One of the things I saw in all of them was the fact that they were all active.
I think these people were inspirational and something to learn from.

This week and having Thanksgiving dinner is gonna be a trying time for me, but I am determined that I will NOT over indulge. Well, that is the plan anyways. lol

Without even second guessing it, I know I have to get my butt on that treadmill and MOVE, I just soooooo don't wanna.

Well, that is all that is going on in my lil world.....hehehe


Peaceful Epiphany said...

Hey Erica,

First of all, Thanks for having my back earlier today! Love ya for that!!!

I think when TOM is looming over our heads our willpower flies out the door. AND, I know for ME, when I am stressed or upset, my willpower decides to go on vacation too.

I am glad that you are not willing to let yourself fall back into old habits. It's so hard...but you HAVE to be determined to not do it.

The ONE and ONLY THING that keeps me on my path is the knowledge that I AM THE ONLY ONE IN CONTROL OF THIS. Just ME. Just Jen. No one else.

I LOVE when Dr. Oz is on Oprah. I have Oprah on a season pass with my TIVO. I will be sure to watch it when I get a chance. Maybe on Turkey day. :)

Are you cooking Thanksgiving dinner or are you going somewhere else? Just remember if you are cooking, you have the control to make the Thanksgiving dishes a little less fattening and more diet friendly. You also have the control over WHEN to eat. I am planning on a VERY EARLY dinner. Between 2-4 PM (depending on if the firemen show up again or not. ROFL).

I plan on having ONE SMALL SERVING OF EVERYTHING I COOK (cause they are all my favorites) and then, if I want SECONDS, it will be after the first one has a chance to digest, after the family plays around and does our normal Silcocks "Thanksgiving Day Parade" while we laugh our butts off....and it will STILL be early enough (around 5 or 6) that we can still all go on our traditional family walk around the neighborhood (hoping it's not raining at the time) to let the SECOND small meal digest.


PLAN IT OUT NOW...ahead of time, so there won't be ANY SURPRISES on Turkey day!

I love you, and I want to see you succeed! Together we can do anything!

Remember this?

Estela said...

I am rather curious about the recent city widget? Get up and move girl! Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Estela said...

I'm sure this isn't the first one, but I've awarded you the Marie Antoinette "real people, real blogs" award. Stop on by! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I watched that to can you belive how good those people looked? I wAS in shock Tom can be a terrible thing sometimes! But it sounds like its just this time of year for being Hungry lol and just remember how great you have been doing You even Motivated me Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog it means so much to me I hope you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving Take care Blessings Kat:)

Jeanne said...

I am eating one of my peanut butter and chocolate cracker things while I type this....need I say more? I think I am off the wagon myself!

PLUS...I think I am getting sick. I am all stuffed up and achey and sneezing and starting to cough...



Tina said...

good luck with the exercise! that is my plan too!!!