Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a start to my day.....

I woke up this morning......after going to bed at, not quite 9pm last night(I felt just down and out)
Tom was banging at the front door lol
I had not looked at the calander and even realised that it was time for that, but it would explain the over indulgence at Thanksgiving. Now that I think about it, I think I did look and realize that it was gonna be that time. I dunno', I guess I was/am having one of those senior moments. hehehe

I thought I was just in my down mood last night because of some things that happened yesterday morning to make me sad and worried for, yeah, I am just pissed about it all. It is their life, they know what they are doing to themself and they are the only one that can decide to make a change. NOT ME(I have to keep telling myself this....daily)

I had to run to the ole Wal Mart and get TOM supplies, as I was not properly prepared for the visit. I wish I would of gotten some hair color, because I have so many damn gray scragglers popping out. Horrible! I did manage to get some stuff for a big salad for supper and even picked up a pack of navy beans. I love beans and have not had homemade beans in like forever. I thought I would throw in my ham bone, that I put in the freezer from Thanksgiving.

I am gonna try and post a video that my girls made.....It is freakin hillarious! I tell ya, they keep us in stitches. I tried to post it once, but it said something was wrong with it not being closed or summin like that. If I can't get it posted myself, I will have them post it. It is a bit slow at the begining, but it picks up andWhat's in my purse (mocking YouTubers)
gets funnier and funnier.


Rose said...

I've been crampy & weepy too. Gotta love a good kid video!

Tina said...

funny funny! I like how lindsey is checking herself out. lol

Wendy in Oz said...

OK - you need to put a warning on the title of your post when you put another video on - like - PEE BEFORE WATCHING!!!!! For those of us who have had children and suffer from weak bladders it is totally unfair for make us laugh like that without warning - my chair is out in the sun drying as we speak! Very funny girls - you both have careers in comedy!


Wendy in Oz

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great weekend I have award on my page for you please pick it up and send it to 7 of your favorites Thank you Kat:)