Thursday, December 11, 2008

sooooo cold!

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My lawd, it is frickin cold here today!
We have actually had some snow around the coast....I just have had sleet at my home.
Tomorrow, it could be 80 degrees, ya just never know what to expect. I sure hope the cold stays around for Christmas. Something about seeing people in shorts on Christmas, just kinda kills the whole holly-jolly feeling.

I would like to get all of my closet spaces cleaned out this weekend, but that is just one of those chores that I just seem to put off. The girls are going to switch bedroom furniture. Alicia is not happy about this, but her bedroom furniture is just too big for her room. I think she will be happy, once it is done and she sees just how much more room she has.

She came home yesterday with a form to fill out for the beauty and beau pagent the first of January. She has not participated in them at school before and I am really gonna be stressing over the cha ching it is going to take to be in the pagent. Christmas is just a couple weeks before, I mean DAMN!

Speaking of Christmas....I am going to start my shopping tomorrow. It just amazes me that some people are finished with all their shopping. I am usually shopping up until Christmas eve. The girls have been warned to finish their list up, because once I take it, nothing else will be allowed to be put on it. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Dutch said...

I am going to go finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow. I got most of my daughter stuff on line which was great with all the free shipping. I am just going to the mall to get her a gift card and a few things for her stocking. Have a great evening.

LYN said...

I am one of those who is almost done..just a few odds and ends and i am finished!1
don't hate...;-P

Myra said...

Dang, can I send you my list too! I have a few things to get too, I'll get to it soon. Time just slipped awsy this year!

Wendy in Oz said...

Sorry to say but I too am all but finished with the shopping AND the wrapping!!! Must be a hormone spike cos it certainly never happened before. I just couldn't stand the thought of being in the shops with all those whacky people out there in the week before Christmas - they are mental enough now - imagine what they'll be like next week!!!!
Good luck - hope you get it all done in one day!

Wendy in Oz

Tina said...

we have done a couple of pageants and hope to do one this winter. nad it does run into money. but I do think it helps give them presentaion skills and confidence.

it is cold here to. get you some heated socks!!!

Anonymous said...

Erica -

It went from 43 here Sunday to -35 degree wind chill Monday. Burrrrrr. 4-5 inches of snow today and then 12 on Thursday.

Miss ya girl!


Dutch said...

I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

FrankandMary said...

It is in the 50s today and beautiful. Hope it is warming up for you. I barely shopped, but did get stuff for the cats. Err, lots of stuff for the cats lol.
I am a cat lady now. ~Mary

Emma Joanne said...

Where are ya girlie ?

Dutch said...

I hope everything is ok. We haven't heard from you in awhile. Take Care. Hugs

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Toyin O. said...

Hope you had a good Christmas:)