Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't pitty

I will have to come clean and say the ill feeling is NOT from the season and the flu bug......I made chili last night(two pots....a pot with meat and one for me with the tofu. I had to try it again...still hate it! hehehe)
I ended up having a few beers and NO chiliMy Fave Durink! Pictures, Images and Photos...actually, I did not eat anything yesterday, except for two wasa light wheat crackers.
I am a lightweight now on the booze and so my ill feeling is of my own making, jus so ya know. lol
I woke up last night at 11:30, sick and empty feeling. I was up all night waiting for the nevah happend. Even as sick as I felt, I was thinking how great a fried egg sandwich would be. lol I would of ate one to, had someone actually cooked it for me.
I had my oatmeal this morning, but want summin sinful, like a McDonalds cheeseburger.
My eating has been on track and I am not gonna ruin it, but still*****


Emmi said...

GIRL ... that beer diet will only take ya so far on the scale. EAT!!! Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Dont worrie my eating has gone to shit Its one day at a time right or is it one Burger at a time lol anyway have a good day!!!

Myra said...

The thing about a diet is not depriving yourself when you feel a lil' sinful! I think you had the cheeseburger (from your other post)'d it make you feel? I eat fast food rarely, but I do, and it is usually not as good as I remembered. Makes me feel yukky! Beer on an empty stomach...thats another story!

Tina said...

hey southern sis, I bought oatmeal today and thought of you when I picked up the box! lol.
I also bought cinnamon to add to it. that is on my list of safe things.
hope you feel better soon

Estela said...

I've been staying motivated too this past week. I even baked cookies and never tried one at all. That is a first! :) I figure I'll just keep going until I can't any longer, but for now.. the going is reasonable, if not easy.

Tracy said...

oh man a beer sounds so good right now, preferbly a corona with lime :) its been a year since iv drank. hugs