Monday, October 13, 2008

Well Hell!

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Who would of thought that doors could cost so damn much?
I have in my mind the kind of door I want, but I don't have the budget to match it.
The door I wanted is almost 2k....yeah, I was thinking more like 2hundred lol.
It's cool, it is just a damn door and actually, we do not even use our front door, we always use the side door.
As we were watching Desperate Housewives last night I saw that one of their housed is the same colorish green that we painted. Remember, I said same "COLORISH GREEN" house does NOT look like one of the sprawling homes on wisteria lane.....maybe the size of the garage or summin lol.

We had to go to the grocery store last my house was pretty barren.
Seriously, we had NO milk, eggs, sandwich meat, bread, meat of any kind, nothing but oatmeal, yogurt, natural peanut butter, sugar free jello, fat free pop corn, fruit out the azz and a box of un opened Total wheat flakes with raisins. lol, I did not see a problem ,but the kids and Scott were a lil pissy about it.

OMG! I hate, hate, HATE going to the grocery store with SCOTT!
He is like an old person, with nothing better to do than, to walk around and pick stuff up and examine it. OMG!!! I prolly earned my devil horns last night with all the bad thoughts and verbal names I was projecting toward him....seriously!
I mean, if you have to eat bologna, why not just not worry about the sodium and calories in is BOLOGNA.funny laughing old man animation Pictures, Images and Photos The bitch got turkey bologna* whatevah

My home now has food in it. Not stocked, but enough for the week maybe.


Emmi said...

Your top pic isn't showing!

I hate going shopping with my DH too. I had about 10 items to pick up the other day, he came with me ... we left a full grocery bill. Uggg ... mostly junk that we didn't even need.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

My kid expects a full service buffet... like if he randomly decides he wants something, it should be stocked and waiting for him. Um... no... hard times, buddy! But... wow... you made me want bologna!


Tracy said...

you wouldnt want to go with me then, i like to look at everything and read it lol. bologna we love it, we stock up on that stuff lol! hugs

Tina said...

i never like grocery shopping, every. but I need to go just as badly as you did.
take care and have a great week

Dutch said...

I seen a sliding back door for $1200. I couldn't believe they were that expensive. I wanted the ones with the blinds already inside. I feel the same way about shopping with my hubby. I am in the last aisle and he is still in the first. Slow pokes. LOL

Rose said...

Yep, it is difficult to shop with men and nearly adult kids! rose