Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Heather.....

Heather, over @ corset, asked for some participation of her readers and so here is my answers to her questions.

1. I have several bible verses that I have committed to memory that give me strength when I am discouraged. Can you share a few of your favorite? Or maybe just a quote or passage or song lyric that you find empowering?

I do not have any certain verse, quote or lyric that I find empowering, but I do know that when I am feeling low, or strugglin I just listen to the song Beulah Land and it makes me cry and miss my Paw Paw, who instilled any bit of religion into me and it gives me strength to know that this is just worldly issues and that one day, my land away from these troubles awaits.

2. What would you consider your "lean" years as far as finances are concerned? Many might say college - or when they were newly married. Tell me about your hard times and how you survived... ramen noodles? I may glean some tips that help us get through!

NOW! lol, Money is very tight and does not seem to stretch, like it has in the past. This new company that Scott works for is not one of the better ones that have been in place. I have never really had "lean years" I guess. I was raised by my Granny & Paw Paw and they did not have financial struggles and then I married Scott in my early 20's and have been fortunate to always have the necessities in my life. Times have been better at some times, than others, but we have never been on any type of govt. assistance or gone hungry, cold or without. I consider myself LUCKY to have been able to stay home and raise my girls, it was just a matter of giving up certain luxuries that a second paycheck would provide.

3. I'm interested in your love stories. It's discouraging to not be "lucky in love". My first marriage was abyssmal. My second marriage was, without a doubt, the greatest disappointment I've ever faced. I want to hear stories about how you may have given up on finding someone special and ended up meeting him...

Once again, I guess it was luck.....I met Scott on May 20, 1990 and was married on November 2, 1990 and it has been true bliss* lol, don't get me wrong, we have had our share of "disagreements", but never about anything that would cause me to look at him in an unfavorable light.

4. I'm loving having TV again after 3 weeks of not really watching. I'm a big tv junkie. My favorite show right now is Jon & Kate Plus 8... what show are you watching obsessively and why?

I'm really into The first 48, Mysteries of the ER, Docta G, medical examiner, Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Bridezillas

5. I'm also a big magazine reader. I love People, Shape, Self, Weight Watchers, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping... lots and lots of random mags. What magazine do you never miss? Why?

I like any of the gossip mags. and I have several delivered to my home.....Thanks Scott!!! lol


Indigo said...

I saw Heather's question and answers. Thanks for sharing these gave more insight to you. (Hugs)Indigo

Estela said...

Like you,I've been blessed to have the opportunities to stay at home with my children. I have loved my time at home with them.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

AWESOME! Thanks for doing this. I love Beulah Land too...