Monday, October 20, 2008

Where has Erica been?

Well, I am still alive, but barely. lol
Thursday afternoon, I get a call that my sister is going to the ER with chest pains......I was sitting by the phone, waiting to hear the worst and ready to bolt.
Turns out she did not have any problems with her heart(she has heart trouble)but she has pleurisy and some other things going on.
Friday.....Was just WOW! lol Scott decided to call AT&T and try to work a deal.
Well, after an hour and a half on the phone with live help, he ended his conversation with insults to the man and talking to his supervisor. I really can't blame Scott this time. Scott told the man what he wanted and asked was it possible, the man said yeah and changed all kinds of things on our cell phone plan and home plan and even our internet, to only say NO, he could not do what they originally talked about!!!
We then went and had lunch and gambled a lil at the casino and then decided to go entry door shopping. NIGHTMARE!
No door was purchased, but we had an idea of what we wanted and the price range.
Saturday, we went to another place to look at doors and after dealing with Scott's lil wishy washy self, I just told the man...."get me that door, I will take that one"
Scott asked if I was sure and I said YEAH! ENOUGH of the friggin doors ya know. lol
We thought that we would just use our old door frame that is super heavy duty....NOT!
We, and I mean Scott the new hardware up and then the door and the frame was off, the door did not match up. As we sat here trying to figure out how to rig it up, my sister calls and tells Scott to call her FIL and he could prolly help.
Normally, Scott would not ask for help, but it was to the point that I had no front door and night time was gonna be here soon.
He tucked his tail, made the call, and within the hour.....I has me a new door on a new door frame!
We celebrated by drinking too much on the front porch, using our front door. lol
We nevah, evah use the front door, so it was nice. Hell, we even ordered pizza and used our front door. Neither one of us had eaten a bite all day and so the beer kicked in quick and by Sunday morning I was hung over big time. NOT fun.
Specially since I needed to get a lot of stuff around the house done fro the week.
This coming weekend is when we are supposed to install the storm door......I may start drinking first!
Going to try and catch up on journals today.
Lovin this weather here.


Tina said...

hey, i am the same way about my front door!!!! sometimes I just make a point out of using it for no good reason at all!!!!

have a great week!

Sherry said...

lol I think I will have one with you .. I want pictures of that famous door ..

Linda said...

I want you to come here and be in charge of our builders!!! My first night in Disney, I'll drink to your new door :)

Pictures please!

Pooh Hugs,