Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Been busy, getting better

I think I am finally over all the ill issues that have kept me down, but I will not talk about it and jinx myself.
My Granny was admitted to the hospital yesterday with pneumonia and I am a bit scared for her. At 80ish, that is not summin good.
I am going up after lunch to visit with her and bring her something good to eat. I think that they should always have chicken soup available to people in the hospital sick.....ALWAYS! The coffee is the thing that has had her panties in a wad though. Ya gotta have a good, strong cup of coffee. lol not weak, cold tan water.
My sister went up this morning and brought her some real coffee.
You can bet, I am gonna be popping a hella lot of vitamin C before entering the doors of the hospital and be liberally applying germ X every few minutes.
Other than that, it is all SSDD here.


Tightening the Corset Again said...

Hugs and prayers to grandma! Keep us posted!

And definitely keep the germ-x on board... or as my friend's kids call it "Han-itizer"


Tracy said...

sorry to hear about your grandmother! i hope she gets better soon. hope you have a good week. hugs

Tina said...

put on a mask before entering her room. they should have some nearby.
glad you are feeling better.
hugs to granny
and you

Linda said...

Many prayers coming her way Erica....I hope she recovers her strength quickly.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Estela said...

Hope your granny is feeling better soon. Prayers for her. Hugs, Estela