Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If we could all be like Granny....

Went to see Granny and she sounded and looked better already. She is ready to bust out. lol
When I was up at the hospital visiting, a nurse with the incare physicians came in to ask Granny some questions.Nurse Pictures, Images and Photos
She asked if Granny had homehealth care going.....Granny kinda looked at her and said, Noooooo
The nurse asked what kinds of medication Granny was taking.....Granny replied with NONE
The nurse looked up and said how wonderful that is. I guess that is where it kinda hit me, Granny is gonna outlive us all! LOL, Granny is in her 80's and has NO health problems, takes no medications and according to the MRI's, she also has NO brain shrinkage, (which everyone starts having after a certain age).
I just wish that Granny did not have so much stress from family members that can't or just won't get their shit together. Another story, another entry.
Then the nurse left, Granny, who was sitting up in the bed, reached over to get her cup of iced down Barq's root-beer and almost fell out the bed. I told Granny, that maybe we should ask how that home health nurse shit works.....LOL, we all were in tears laughing at/with Granny.ive fallen Pictures, Images and Photos

I want to thank all of ya'll who sent kind words to me about my Granny.....as most of ya'll know, my granny means so much to me.


Myra said...

Ya' know at that age...they're not going to change their ways...and those that take advantage of them aren't either. Its almost the way of their world and thats how they like it. Or maybe they don't know another way, its the only dance they know. I hear you though, why should you be cheated out of having your Granny for as long as God wills because others can't get their lives together!

Linda said...

Such great news....I'm so glad she is doing better now! I'm so glad she is in such great health :)

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Tina said...

that is amazing! and you are so lucky to have her!

Sherry said...

I am glad she is doing so much better

Estela said...

I worked for a time as an intake secretary for a VNS and it would just break my heart to see how many medications some of these older folks were on. My hope is to avoid that as I get older too. I think it's great that your Granny is doing so well. She probably will outlive us all.

Dutch said...

Your Grandmother sounds like a wonderful lady. I am glad to hear she is doing better. Have a great evening. Hugs

Emmi said...

wonderful news about your granny. Hope she continues to do better.

Wendy in Oz said...

Hope your Granny is doing much better. I too, loved my Granny to bits and she meant the world to me. I miss her so much everyday but I know she is with me still. Just wish that sometimes we could have a cuppa together and a good chat like we used to!!!


Wendy in Oz