Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday , Monday, Monday?

The weekend has just flown by........why is it like that? The days off to spend doing fun things just seems to go by so fast and the other day's of the week, doing things "productive" just feel so drawn out.
It is soooooooo cold here. I am sitting here, wrapped up in an electric throw blanket and sipping my hot tea and yet I am freezing! lol, I love the cold weather, but it is so hard on me. I could get on the treadmill and get the blood pumping and warm up, but yeah, I don't see that happening. lol

Let me ask the parents out there a lil question on something.
The girls got their progress reports in last Thursday and on Lindsay's, she had a zero on a writing project that her and another classmate were assigned to do. They did the project together, but the boy never turned it in. (he printed it out)
I told Lindsay to check with the teacher and ask if they could turn it in or if she could do a make-up writing assignment or whatever. Lindsay came home Friday and said that she went up to the teacher before school started Friday and asked the teacher could she turn it in or do something to pull her grade up and the teacher said that she was gonna go to Lindsay and ask her about the story(because they discussed it with the was pretty funny), but that since Lindsay came to her first.....that she could just bring her some chocolate in Monday, and that she really likes Hershey kisses plain. Lindsay said that when she was leaving her class Friday that the teacher said, Lindsay, don't forget the chocolate and we will talk.

You know I grabbed a bag of Hershey Kisses that afternoon and Lindsay is gonna be bringing them to her this morning.

Have any of you parents ever had this happen? If the teacher takes the candy, should Lindsay have to do a report or should that be all? I don't like the whole barter thing with the either can make it up, by doing WORK or not, right?

You can bet, if Lindsay has to write another story, after buying that lady candy, well....ERICA will be writing the story and you can bet it will be called Bitter Sweet Revenge and will be about a teacher who barters her students grade with candy and ends up choking to death on the candy!!!!


Estela said...

I have never encountered that. Maybe the teacher was trying to be "cute"... you'll have to let us know how that turns out.

Jeanne said...

Hmmmmm....I've gotta be honest, I am not really sure HOW I feel about that one!!!!


Tina said...

i think she was just having some fun and putting lindsey at ease. no biggie.