Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday and everyday things...

So yeah, it is Thankful Thursday in blogland so, even though I don't do this every time it rolls around, I do know and want to share some things that I am thankful for.

1. That I have Scott, who I can go to and just let everything that is on my mind and heart out and he listens, really listens and not only that, but he WANTS to know what is on my mind.

2. For my Alicia, my oldest daughter who is just bluntly honest about how she feels. I want my children to have their own opinions about things and not to be influenced be what is the popular thing and she is right on it. Even when I don't agree with her, I do respect her and am thankful that she feels so damn confident with herself to stand up and voice herself.

3. For my Lindsay, my younger daughter, who is so damn funny that she keeps me in stitches. For the fact that she has really shown me what a kind hearted person she is. I have to tell a story here......There is this child at her school that is mentally challenged and she took a shine to my Lindsay. Lindsay did not walk away from this child, because she is different, instead, my Lindsay engaged this child in conversation and makes a point to call out to her when she see's her around campus. This child drew Lindsay a picture(she is 17, but has the mind of a first-third grader)and it is of her and Lindsay and has the caption....Best Friends. I am in tears writing this, because Lindsay hung it in her room on her bulletin board. (ok, Lindz did tell the girl to go back and color it, which just made the girl even more proud of her drawing. lol, my Lindz.....)

4. Online friends.....I have learned many things from a diverse group of people that I prolly will never meet face to face.

5. favorite time of the year.

6. My four legged babies

7. Happiness & Love in my heart

8. Farmers Markets

9. Pumpkinpice scented candles that make me excited for the upcoming holiday

10. Rainy days that are bringing cold fronts with it.


Tightening the Corset Again said...

LOVE LUV LOOOOVE the cold rainy weather! Am I sick? If not, I probably will be! I just love the colored leaves against the backdrop of a grey sky... it's beautiful!

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Linda said...

What wonderful girls you have raised....Pooh hugs and pats on the back, Mom! Doesn't it just make you proud to see your daughters zestfully enjoying life? I love those pumpkin spice candles too...I store them up for use all year because they are my favorite scent.
I'm thankful for you :)

Pooh Hugs,

Anonymous said...

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