Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So all is said and done....

I did not sleep at all last night.
I tossed and turned, with so many things going through my head.
We have a "change" coming up with our newly elected President and quite honestly, I am very nervous. I want to be optimistic, but with all the negativity surrounding politics it really is hard.
I am scared for my girls. At there school, it has been so much Obama talk from a group of black children....ignorant talk.
It scares me that a child wore a shirt to school that she hand painted that read, Vote Obama or die and had blood dripping down.
It scares me that a child in one of my oldest daughters class could not keep her mouth shut during a test and had to be sent to the office....she was just going on and on about Obama, even though the test, or the class was NOT discussing the election.
It scares me that the girls bus driver had to stop the bus, tell a group of kids that they had to shut up with the foul language and all the Obama chanting. They were saying that the White House is gonna be the Black House now!!! I bet if a white kid asked them if they were replacing the rose garden with a watermelon patch, they would of been a fight.
Naturally, my Alicia had to turn around, confront one of the black boys doing the loudest chants and ask him exactly WHY is he so FOR Obama, he said, uh uh Change lol, she said, OK, what change exactly? He broke down laughing again and said, I am gonna be honest, it is just because he is black! She shook her head at him and gave him the LOOK.
I told her NOT to get into any damn debate with him or any other ignorant sounding kid about this again.....It fears me, that these kids may think they are invincible and that because of their skin color, because of our newly elected Presidents skin color that they can get away with more. NOT!
Maybe our newly elected President will do good things and make great changes for our country, but I know in my heart and from what I have already seen, the racism is gonna be out like never before.


Emmi said...

Nothing we can do now but wait out 4 years ... if he even lives that long. I bet when the handouts aren't like the blacks expected & the health care isn't exactly what people thought it was gonna be there will be buyers remorse. I won't feel sorry for any of them. They all deserve everything BHO gives them ... nothing!

Dutch said...

My daughter's classmates are like that too. She told me if anyone talked about McCain that they would get jumped. I told her I hope that she could make up her own mind about who she liked and his views. She is only 14 and I am happy that the teachers were talking about it but some of these kids are just ignorant.

Estela said...

My fears are for different reasons. I do not believe that Mr. Obama can pull off what he promised. And worse, I think that changes will occur under him that we will feel the ripples from long after he is out of office. And I don't think it has to do with his race, but with his politics. I think the media did an awesome job of helping him keep his true agenda hidden when they virtually ignored every "skeleton" in his closet.

Wendy in Oz said...

You know Erica, even from Oz, that is my concern too! Don't get me wrong. I think the dude won fair and square and deserves to make good his dream but I do see that it could be seen by those with, shall we say, less brain power... and I mean black or white!!!... that this is somehow a win for black people rather than a win for ALL people! Sad really that it can't be seen for what it is - a CHANCE for ALL Americans - black, white, red, green, whateva!!! Lets hope we got it wrong!!!


Wendy in Oz

Anonymous said...

Sorry your kids went thought this He was not my first choice But all we can do is pray now! Take care I love all the songs on your page how beautiful!!!!