Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grown Up Christmas List....

I am reading journals and trying to leave comments....though I am not really doing that great of a job at the comment part as I would like. Do y'all get like that? Like you just can't put nothing out there? I am chalking my lack of response to my sinus troubles, as they have me a lil more brain twisted than normal.

Anyways, I saw over at Heather blog that she did a grown up Christmas list...that she got from Missy's blog.....it is a passer down thing. So here goes.

1. lots of wine for my new wine rack.....pretty bottles is a necessary as the wine*
2. A big azz diamond ring.....
3. A stainless steel panini griddler thingy
4. Big round wine glasses with suppa skinny stems
5. Vera Wang by Vera Wang perfume/body lotion
6. A new spice rack.....loaded with good spices(not that cheap crap)
7. Candles
8. soft cozy socks
9. Coach Wallet
10. all kinds of purrty smellin lotions....again, not any drug store cheap crap!!!

What is on your list?????? Share people!


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I'm thinkin if all goes well, you'll be one great smellin somebody that's enjoying her Christmas treats. Take care and enjoy,

E-High said...

Very nice journal ... thanks for commenting on mine ... I became a follower ... :)

Hope you get everything on your list !!


Tightening the Corset Again said...

I definitely have some brain dead days where I can't leave a comment to save my life...

Anonymous said...

It's just me(Mary) getting around to reading old entries by you ....since I fell off the grid.
I don't have any gifts I want, but I am well stocked in French perfume, so...~Mary