Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where did I go wrong...oh let me count the ways

Well, ya see, what had happened is lol
I shall never ever be able to be in the same room with my homemade cornbread dressing and stay on track with a healthy diet. NO way, NO HOW!
That, "I am only gonna have one plate at dinner and NO leftovers....ummhumm, yeah, that did not pan out. I just finished eating Thanksgiving scraps Sunday and that is only because that was the end of em. I am sad, I know, but I know I can't be alone. Right? hehehe

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day. I have not been on blogger and will be playing catch up with your journals.

I just got a call from Alicia and so I have to make this short....because I forgot about picking up supplies for a project she is working on. So, gotta run do that now. Damnit! And I thought I could just veg out in my pj's.

Look forward to hearing about overeating.....lawd, let me not be alone. hehehe


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I'm done and I thank God that that holiday only comes around once a year. My mom asked "Why don't we ever cook a turkey or make "Corn bread stuffing" any other time of the year". My answer was because we'd be heavier than we are now. Take care and have a wonderful day,

Lynne said...

I hope my post will make you feel better, you are not alone! LOL I ended up actually losing 1.4lbs the week of Thanksgiving, but did indulge on that day. Hope you'll come by and visit my journals. God Bless!

Emmi said...

Thanksgiving wasn't very good for my diet either. I couldn't stay away from all the yummy things to save my fat ass. Hopefully we'll both get back on track.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Hey be-otch... where are the food pics? If it was that good... you coulda shared it with the rest of us!

I got a little Bear time *hubbahubba* so it was a good weekend for me!

Myra said...

No one is going to be on a diet on Thanksgiving. Forgive yourself and move on! The leftovers are gone, its a new day :)

Estela said...

Now that I have to cook it, I seldom overeat at Thanksgiving. I also make sure I only have enough "left over" to allow for one, maybe two meals tops. But the desserts a bit tougher. :)

Rose said...

i overate and I don't care! I had pms so I had an excuse...yeah right??

LYN said...

yes it is the offical start of the sill season...LOL

Jeanne said...

DAMN..the stuffing killed me too! I LOVE IT!! Best part of the whole damn meal and it's made with BUTTER and then cooked INSIDE the bird and...YUM.....and it's finally gone, but I picked on it for DAYS!!!!

And then there were those chocolate covered peanut butter things I make....

Yeah, not a great week here either...but COME ON! WE CAN DO THIS!! Can't we????