Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I guess I should of mentioned it....

I thought I would voice my opinion on the upcoming election.......I still don't know.
I really am so confused. I see good in both and yet I still have my doubts in both.
Reading all that the media puts out and then listening to them just really makes my brain swell.
I do know one thing.....I'm NO fan of Sarah Palin at all. SHE is the biggest reason for me not wanting to see McCain in the big house.
Am I alone on the confusion? Does everyone else seem to know exactly who they are voting for and why?

Palin Pictures, Images and Photos
Palin's criticized other politicians for shady business, some good house cleaning has revealed a few skeletons in her own closet.

She's taken trips on the city's tab, utilized office resources to fundraise, accepted money without disclosing it, and in an upsetting abuse of power, pressured the state public safety commissioner to fire her sister's state trooper ex-husband.

The ex-husband was never fired, but the commissioner was.

Democratic state Representative Beth Kerttula admitted that she's frightened of Palin because "It's all about the power" and "She doesn't seem to know where the boundaries are."

Palin has actually done a little ethical straightening up in office, by tightening up state ethics laws, providing more information to taxpayers about state spending, restrictions on lobbyists' giving, increased disclosure requirements for public officials, and posting state spending details on the Internet.

-Although she's criticized other politicians for giving companies too much government control, she appointed the founder of an engineering firm to head of transportation

-She's helped friends and contributors land state jobs

-She's accused of misusing office resources to campaign against a voter referendum for tighter mining regulations, while her husband Todd, accepted a free trip from a mining company to view new site proposals

Democratic state Representative Mike Doogan said her flighty ethics are "insulting to those of us who have always done the right thing.


Peaceful Epiphany said...

:X I love Palin. LOL.

Jeanne said...

OK, I sooooooo agree with you Erica on this one. (And I love Jen to death...but we disagree on this one!)

When I FIRST heard Palin speak at the convention, I liked her. Then she spoke again. (LOL) When I heard her on the Charlie Gibson interview, she made me wince a few times and by the time she got to the debate with Biden I totally and completely disliked her...and that is only because we are not allowed to use the word HATE in my house when referring to another human being! (lol) She is very condescending...thinks she is better than everyone, knows everything about everyone. She acts like we are all low life stupid people who need to be winked at all the time. We are intelligent individuals here in the US...don't talk to us like we are JERKS! I cannot imagine this woman EVER being President! Can I see a WOMAN in the White House? ABSOLUTELY!!! I would have voted for Hillary had she won the nomination...evne though I was always worried that Bill would be the one in charge. Palin??? NO FREAKING WAY!! I think there is ALOT of sneaky stuff in her past...the BIL thing just ONE of the things that we know about. I don't like her, I don't trust her....and Tina Fey does an AWESOME job imitating her!!!!!


Emmi said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Jen & disagree with Jeanne on this one. I love Palin! I loved her at the RNC, I loved her on Gibson & Couric interviews even with their gotcha questions. I've watcher interviews with Hanity, Bristol, & Van Sustren and she did amazing. The difference? It was a straight interview ... nothing was edited out. I'm scared shitless over BHO taking the white house as "mama always says" your known by the company you keep. With that said I know who he has been friends with for well over 20 years, I know who he has associated with for several years ... he says he's never been a muslim yet his school records reflect otherwise. He says he was born in Hawaii which qualifies him to president yet he won't provide antyhing more than a live birth certificate which is not the same as a birth certificate. You have muslim nations singing his praises ... Farrakan is too. This is just to disturbing to over look. I am against anyone who agrees with partial birth abortions. God doesn't make mistakes ... life begins at conception. Ok, I'll get off my soap box!

Myra said...

Still undecided at this point. At least I'm not the only one!

Dutch said...

I am still undecided and a little uneasy about both parties. I still have a few more weeks and I will probably decide when I am standing in the booth.

Estela said...

I am not undecided. :)

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I do not like Palin...I just don't & that sways my vote on McCain...I am still confused. I watched the debate last night & have been playing it on the PC all day long.

Still undecided, but am leaning towards Obama....

SapphiresLosing said...

Quite honestly. I don't like either candidate all that much.