Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well, say it aint so!

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I guess I do spend more than necessary on groceries. I have to shop for four people.
One of us(ME)is eating extremely healthy, two others(them girls of mine)eat only certain things, prepared certain ways, and then there is the other one(yeah, that would be Scott)who will eat anything.
I spent $118 the other night at the store, then spent 30 summin$'s at another place that had some good deals on my tea and tuna and wheat thins and that is not counting the toiletries(that aint groceries!)or the pet foods. Two cats, two dogs and a 55gallon, stocked aquarium. Plus the outside critters....bird feed and squirrel corn
Nor does this include our booze.....although we are really not much of drinkers anymore.
This does not include all the lil store stops along the week that we all make for those "oh, I need this or that" items.
I told Scott that I was gonna ask y'all about your grocery spending and he said, "sooooo, it does not matter what others spend....we have only so much that WE can spend" After reading all your comments, I am just gonna drop that subject. hehehe
I was gonna make chili tonight, but realised that I do not have the corn chips, sour cream or cheese to go with. hhmmmmmm. Those lil things add up and I don't want to add insult to injury with the whole grocery debate here on the hill.

cat on scale Pictures, Images and PhotosOn a some what different note. Last night, Scott comes in to the living room and said that he weighed himself and that he lost 10lbs! I should be happy and really, I am, but DAMN! I am the one that has not been eating meat and eating extremely healthy, so healthy that I scare myself. lol I have not gotten back on the scale and will not for another week or so. I feel that waiting so long between weighing just makes me keep on keeping up the healthy eating. As crazy as it sounds saying this, I do have to say, something is different this time, I feel like I am not deprived, I feel like I am satisfied, I feel GOOD! I am never, ever going to get back in the bad choices again.....EVER!


Emmi said...

OMG $118 ... I would love to pay that much. We spend about 175 bucks plus we get little odds & ends throughout the week to hold us over.

Estela said...

I don't know Erica, seems to me you are spending around what everyone else spends. We all go back for milk and bread at some point (I have to do that today). I probably pay a little less since I shop at the Commissary. Every time I shop at an outside grocery..I wonder how other families do it! I don't think I could afford to have to buy all my groceries out "on the economy."

Tina said...

If I get everything I NEED, I would spend about $100.00 a week.
I have cut out a lot of the little stops. Most of the time, we just do without.

Myra said...

Its just two of us and I spend about $100 a week at the grocery store. I'll go to the farmers market to get produce, then to Sams to pick up meat and chicken for the 2 weeks. We really try not to go in between the weekdays. I make a list and knowing what I'm going to make, I make sure to have all the ingredients. I rarely go to the store during the week.

Linda said...

I think $118 for the four of you is really great with today's prices. You just need to cut out the during the week stops like you did about the chili. I make a menu for the week, and we buy the items for that, and then some of the sale items. If I don't stray from the menu, I never have to go back. It's when I get in those "I feel like tuna casserole" etc, moods, and it wasn't on the menu for that week that I over spend. Marv is worse than me when he shops, he is an impulse buyer!! :)

Pooh Hugs,

Toon said...

You're not much of a drinker anymore??? Say THAT aint so! ;)


Indigo said...

I tend to eat supper healthy. And it kind of pisses me off it cost more to eat healthy than junk. Add in the fact most everything I fix for meals is generally home made...another minus, versus already made frozen things. So I would say close to $175 a week. Not including care of 8 cats and a finicky eating dog.
It's just me and Paul right now, but I swear that man can eat us out of house and home. This is the part that gets me, he never gains weight. He's been 165 in the entire 5 1/2 years we've been together. Men have it so much easier with the weight thing. (Hugs)Indigo